Reddit’s leftward political bias

I combined data from the reddit API and AllSides Media to measure the political bias of six popular political subreddits. I found that the supposedly neutral r/politics is significantly more left-leaning than the explicitly left-leaning subreddits r/democrats and r/liberal, but that political bias has not been increasing over time.

Support for Paying College Athletes Uncorrelated with Political Affiliation

We analyzed the sentiment of tweets that mention paying college athletes and found that most of these tweets are against paying college athletes. This was true whether the tweets were sent from democratic or republican states.

Editorial Bias in Claremont Student Newspapers

I used natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to analyze the five student newspapers of the Claremont Colleges. Highlights of the analysis include that The CMC Forum has the most objective reporting, and that nobody likes to write articles about Harvey Mudd College.